If I don’t do this now it will never happen.

I had been working by day as a marketing manager at a tech startup in the music industry, and I was not happy. The days were going by slowly, and after the initial learning curve passed the tasks became repetitive.

I was at that dreaded place that many people get to with their work where it pays the bills, but the passion and interest were lacking. I thought to myself - is this it? Is this the part where I’m living like a zombie in a grey world, only looking forward to the weekend where I can be myself again?

If not now, then when?

Alright, it’s go time.

After brainstorming 80 different possible brand names I finally arrived at one that worked for my business concept.

Now, it was time to get a website and social media accounts up and running. So many pages to write, so many posts to create!

I knew that moving fast would be crucial.

There was only one problem - it felt really slow and inefficient to be spending time creating custom images for social media profiles, posts and my website.

I remember thinking it would be great to be able to just send this stuff off, and have it come back done so I could move faster.

That was when I realized I had felt the pain of wanting to delegate, but I wasn’t able to, so I had to soldier on with the slow process of doing the work myself. I would have rather been working on more valuable things, but the design needed to get done.

It was then that I wished I had access to a service like Design Butler™ where I could send off whatever I needed done, and it would come back quickly.

I knew that if I had experienced the pain myself, first hand, then I would be able to relate to others who had as well.

And that would be 90% of the sales process - just understanding where people are coming from.

One night I was working away and had a small grin on my face - I realized I was in the middle of an incredible journey of realizing my dream.

And despite all of the challenges still to come I couldn't be happier.

Author Bio

Dan Hodgins is the creator of a researched-based methodology called Strategic Visual Communications™. His objective is to transform your communications at a strategic level to increase engagement, retention and emotional impact. As the founder of Design Butler™ Dan enjoys solving problems for clients using this proprietary process.

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