So you’re at the point where you need some help to get some design deliverables done. Great news! You have plenty of options for where to find that perfect graphic designer so you can establish a good working relationship based on trust.

First, it’s worth asking yourself if you want to work with an individual, agency or an Unlimited Graphic Design company like Design Butler. There are pros and cons to each.

An agency can spread the work around to multiple people so you have projects proceeding in parallel. In contrast, an individual freelance designer can get swamped with work, and for that reason turnaround times can sometimes suffer.

Either way, you will be well served if you find the right individual or agency to work with (and test them out first to make sure it's the right fit).

With that in mind here are some places to find or hire freelance graphic designers.

How to Find a Graphic Designer to Hire On a Part Time, Freelance Basis (Hourly Or By the Project)

Your Personal Network (Ask For Referrals)

One of the best ways to find a good designer is to ask the people in your network. You can do this by posting on social media, sending emails, and even calling people.

Search On LinkedIn

You can search for designers on LinkedIn. Just type "graphic designer" and select your city from the filters on the left side of the page.

Search For “Freelance Graphic Designer + YourCityName”)

This is perhaps one of the easiest methods. Just pick your search engine of choice and type in the search term above.

Search Freelance Design Marketplaces (below)

Below we have listed many of the top freelance marketplaces where you can find some of the best graphic designers in the world.

Where Can I Find Or Hire Outstanding Freelance Graphic Designers

On Behance you can discover top online portfolios by talented creative professionals in multiple industries.

Dribbble is ideal for looking at work by the "world's top designers & creatives." If you are looking for world-class design professionals then look no further.

Upwork was formerly known as Elance and ODesk. It's a global freelancer marketplace where businesses connect with freelance professionals including graphic designers. If you have time to personally interview, vet and test designers this can be an excellent option.

Toptal handles the hard work of hiring, vetting, and hand-matching talent to your needs. It's a exclusive network of the top freelance talent - some of whom are graphic designers.

Designhill has two functions. First, it's platform for designers to showcase their work. Second, it's a place where business owners can source high quality designs including logos, website design and more at reasonable rates.

On 99 Designs you can hire designers or run your own design contest.

With Fivrr you can find talent willing to work on your design job for 5 bucks. It's buyer beware though, so be careful.

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform where you can get jobs completed by designers who compete against each other.

Guru is a site where you can hire quality freelance talent including graphic designers.

Other Sites

Another option is an Unlimited Graphic Design service like Design Butler™ where you get matched with a dedicated designer. We offer a 3 day free trial where you can get up to 3 custom graphics, free!

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