So you’re interested in finding graphic designers to evaluate and potentially hire for some projects you need done. Where to start?

The answer to this question depends on your budget as everyone wants high quality graphic design at an affordable price.

It also depends on the type of work you need to be done as some jobs are simpler than others.

That said, here are some places to find a designer at various budget levels:

Where to Find a Graphic Designer - Budget is $0 to $5

If you realistically have no budget then your options will be more limited, and you will have to spend time doing the work yourself, or hiring someone to do the work for super cheap (below market rates). You could try Fiverr or doing your own graphic design using Canva or another DIY graphic design tool.

Finding a Graphic Designer (Places) - Budget is $5 - $500

Given that many experienced graphic designers charge $50/hour or more you will generally need to have a project budget of $100 or more to get the attention of a busy designer. That said, some will initiate projects for less than $100 to start the relationship and get their foot in the door with the hope of future work. Go here for a comprehensive list of where to find graphic designers (websites).

Locating Graphic Designers - Budget is $500+

This is where your options start to really open up. You can do a google search for a graphic designer in your city, and at this budget level most of them will be interested in speaking with you. This article has a list of dozens of websites where you can find a talented graphic designer.

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